Fire cooking.. BBQ? It’s a BRAAI!! Gluten free of course!

Fire cooking.. BBQ? It’s a BRAAI!! Gluten free of course!

Back to basics, our natural survival instincts want us to make fire and cook on fire.. or maybe that’s just me? If I could braai every day, I probably would. Especially with the current drought in western cape, fire cooking makes for a water-saving, less-mess meal plus a communal way of cooking that even brings everyone together – apparently that includes Mr Casper too.

Keeping it simple, from food method to ingredients plus it is probably quite a healthy way to cook as you don’t need much in the way of additional fats. I wish I could say that braaing was gluten-free – but you wouldn’t believe how I struggle sometimes when it comes to finding boerewors that doesn’t have wheat/gluten in it, or any processed or prepared braai meats for that matter!

Most cuts of meat are naturally gluten-free but anything processed, like wors or burger patties – or pre-spiced or in marinade are more commonly found than good gluten-free products. It’s all well and good having gluten-free products on the braai, but then it gets more complicated when its a shared grill and others have “normal” braai meats (marinaded, spiced, bulked up with wheat)
Well, anyone who joins me for a braai will know by now – other meats get segregated or cooked after mine, Braai Master’s rules!

Luckily I have understanding friends (I like to think) – but I have also found an amazing place to find THE best burger patties and boerewors.. gluten free, no added nasties! I almost don’t want to share it with anyone so that I know I can always find it when I need it, but honestly its too good not to share! But more about that another time. This weekend? Definitely time for another braai fix!

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