A change of heart – For the love of animals, my soul children

A change of heart – For the love of animals, my soul children

Wowee, this year is flying by, and funny how everything works in it own divine timing, Always!

This year for me has been one of intense transformation, finding myself and my place in this world – finding my reason for being here on this earth and how i can make a difference in this world.  The following paragraphs of this post was sitting in a draft from March this year as an intro to the rest of my life but thanks to divine timing and guidance – I think animals are about to become even more important in my life (again).

As I have been open to my life’s journey lately, the subject of Animal Communication and Energy healing has been everywhere.
For years, I wanted to blog again but always felt that food just wasn’t interesting enough anymore, there had to be something that i was more passionate about. Since having to live a Gluten free life, food changed meaning, it became for nourishment rather than entertainment. I needed to find something that I needed to share with the world. I may have just found it. Even though, it was within me all along!

My love of animals started at a very young age and has continued that way and even more so now. As a young child I had always loved animals and found a strong bond between myself and many of the animals I met. Dr Doolittle was of course my favorite movie! My love started with cats but as i spent time with other animals, well let’s just say I don’t think there has ever been an animal that I have met and have not liked. Except my neighbours Pig, Daisy.. Its more a case of being scared than not liking her, i promise! More about her one day.

Many pets have come and gone throughout the years, from cats.. to chickens, ducks and bunnies too. There are some of them who are no longer with us – some passed on and some who live their lives with other humans due to various reasons over the years. Four of these precious cats are now Dad’s cats and live a peaceful life in a beautiful big garden and keep my dad company too. I hope to introduce most of them in future posts.

Then came Mr Casper the purebred German Shepherd, our big baby protector. A few months later our precious rescue Phoebe Dog arrived and these two have been best friends ever since, and have lightened my life with love and laughter every day.

One thing I never expected, was to have such an incredible relationship with 2 wonderful birds, my green terror parrots. When i first met Pickles, she climbed on my shoulder, said hello and then it was love at first bite, literally! A month later Basil joined our family at 5 weeks old back in 2015 and for now – this family is just us 2 human and this awesome foursome. Plus plenty of wild birds which come to our front door for food every day and as animal messengers to guide me in my daily life.

I really hope to start posting more regularly again, and sorry if you were here for food posts – because I have had a change of heart, back to my first love, my life long passion. This is just the start, and I don’t know where it will take me but having a passion re-ignited is a good place to start 🙂

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